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Carlisle Spring Stars 2022

Breed Champion: D & D Rankine
Reserve Breed Champion: A & C Kennedy
Champion Male: D & D Rankine
Reserve Champion Male: A & C Kennedy
Champion Female: Mr D Lewis
Reserve Champion Female: Mr D Lewis

Declan Rankine (left) with the Champion, Dun Eideann Earth Quake, E1603, and Judge, Tim Pratt (right)

Andrew Kennedy (left) with the Reserve Champion, Maineview Emoji, E1737, and Judge, Tim Pratt (right)

David Lewis (left) with the Champion Female, Pembroke Darcy Eye, and Judge, Tim Pratt (right)

Shearling Ewe: 1. Mr D Lewis 2. Mr A Morton 3. S & O Jones
Ewe Lamb: 1. Mr D Lewis 2. Mr J Durrant 3. Mr D Lewis
Shearling Ram: 1. Mr D Robertson 2. Mr J Royan
Ram Lamb: 1. D & D Rankine 2. A & C Kennedy 3. Mr A Morton