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Flock Case Studies

Dorset Sheep give full time Solicitor Flexibility to run Pedigree Flock

The Dorset sheep’s ability to lamb out of season has given full-time solicitor Amy McConnell the flexibility to run her own pedigree flock which perfectly complements the family dairy farm in Northern Ireland.

Amy’s parents Brian and Jayne farm 350, owned and rented, all-grass acres at Beechmount, Templepatrick in Co Antrim with son Robert, who works as a vet, and daughter Caroline, a primary school teacher, running a 220-cow pedigree Ayrshire and Holstein Friesian dairy herd.

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The Byeways Flock

Dorset sheep have been a favourite for Somerset breeder Joe Larder since he was a boy and the easily managed breed fits in perfectly with his work as a quantity surveyor.

Joe was as young as seven when he asked for some sheep as a Christmas present and his grandparents bought him two ewes and four lambs from the old livestock market in Taunton.

The Byeways Flock

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The Mainview Flock, Northern Ireland

Pedigree Dorset ewes are providing an easily-managed extra income stream for Northern Ireland farmer and specialist dairy cattle fitter Andrew Kennedy, owner of the Maineview flock.

Andrew’s passion since a boy has been preparing pedigree dairy cattle for the show and sale ring.

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Wantisden Hall Farms on the North Sea coast...Tim Pratt

Tim Pratt

Dorset sheep, pigs and beef cattle play an integral part in helping the sustainability of intensive vegetable production for a farming enterprise in Suffolk. 

Wantisden Hall Farms on the North Sea coast near Woodbridge, farms 1,351ha of predominantly arable land, of which 768ha is owned and the re-mainder is contract farmed. 

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Dorset Horns Thriving in the Peak District

The Dorset Horn has played an integral role in a large commercial sheep farming operation run by the Driver family in Derbyshire’s Peak District for more than 60 years.

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The Sandy Lane Flock, Derbyshire

Sam Driver is part of a large scale family farming enterprise based between Derbyshire and Cheshire. Sam’s grandfather, Stanley, first came to Sandy Lane Farm, Glossop, Derbyshire in 1942 when the farm comprised of only 28 acres. It is fair to say that through hard work, dedication and an enthusiasm for one breed of sheep in particular things have grown considerably!

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset sheep have played an integral part in the development of this farming dynasty which now includes Stanley, Sam’s father Johnie, uncle Roy and cousin Josh. Unbelievably Sandy Lane Farm now includes 500 acres with a further 1,500 acres of rented land. Apart from a small quantity of fodder crops, it is all grass at a height of between 120 and 365 metres (450 to 1200ft).

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