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Dorset Flock Competition

Flock Competition 2012

Once again the 2012 flock competition turned out to be a fascinating adventure for the judges Joe Larder and myself. Firstly a sincere thank you for the generous hospitality extended to us and the co-operation in helping us meet a tight schedule during an awkward period of weather.

Congratulations go to all the participants for creating what I believe is a very worthwhile competition, giving food for thought for competitors and judges alike. Travelling from Northern Ireland to Cornwall across to Kent up to Derbyshire and into Wales has convincingly demonstrated the durability, versatility, and general honest hard working traits of the Dorset breed.

We found it encouraging to see such enthusiasm from the breeders in using the breed to maximise the returns from a business enterprise or developing an interesting hobby that is self financing. For those not placed this time please don't be disheartened the potential you demonstrated I'm sure will bring success in the future.

Congratulations to all!

David Rossiter


CHAMPION FLOCK: Francis Fooks, Poorton

RESERVE CHAMPION FLOCK: W & K Carson, Downkillybegs (NI)

1st Francis Fooks, Poorton
2nd W & K Carson, Downkillybegs (NI)
3rd Sam Driver, Sandy Lane
1st P W Baker & Son, Chinnock
2nd Samuel Caldwell, Granagh (NI)
3rd R G Elliot & Son, Nene
1st J & C Robson, Ballyhammage (NI)
2nd J B May & Son, Newtoncoombe
3rd G & E Jones, Roci
Stock Rams:
1st R & R Hole, Sherborne
2nd W & K Carson, Downkillybegs (NI)
3rd Sam Driver, Sandy Lane
Ewe Lambs: 
1st Francis Fooks, Poorton
2nd J & C Robson, Ballyhammage (NI)
3rd R & R Hole, Sherborne

PETTY FRANCE AWARD - J & C Robson, Ballyhammage (NI)

BEST SHEPHERDED FLOCK - Nicky Jesse, Stanbridge Mill